Why Five by Five?


Graphic design is more than just ‘creative’. It is also ‘communication’. The term ‘five by five’ comes from analogue radio to describe the quality of communication. Two characteristics were used, signal strength and signal clarity; each rated on a scale of 1 to 5. ‘Five by Five’ then would be the highest signal strength and the best quality. Over the years, ‘five by five’ has come to mean “I understand you loud and clear” in situations other than radio communication. At Five By Five Design Studio, I listen! I listen to you, the client and take the time to understand your business and your marketing needs. Together we get the message out to the public effectively!

With over 20 years in multi-media, I have rebranded many famous tourist destinations like HOCO Entertainment & Resorts Ltd. (the SkyWheel), Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Niagara Falls & Skylon Tower to name a few. Please view my portfolio page to see the variety of creative projects that I have launched in the Niagara Region. Most of these projects required a diverse skillset; brand illustration, corporate photography, graphic design for print and web, as well as social media branding. I have extensive experience marketing across a multitude of media platforms; print including billboards, web, social media including video, radio including podcasts and t.v.

Together, we will build a working relationship as I guide you through a detailed marketing plan that is tailored to meet your business goals and launch a successful marketing campaign.

For an appointment to discuss your business goals please call or email me.